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“Cortell Australia’s growth in the Business Analytics and Business Intelligence markets has been outstanding. With highly skilled delivery and management teams Cortell provide IBM clients a very professional, highly regarded and capable organisation to work with.” – Ryan Morrell, Channel Executive, IBM Software Group



The difference between what we’re doing, and what we do now with IBM Cognos TM1, is like going to a new doctor who has an MRI machine, when your old GP had only a stethoscope and a thermometer. We can really see inside the business.




The ad-hoc reporting ability via the TM1 front end is brilliant! It’s so easy to retrieve information quickly, and dissect and drill down in an instant. Never before have we had such visibility into our business. We have no dependency on IT … we are self-sufficient.




Our primary reason for choosing Cortell was their down to earth, trustworthy approach. We had a small budget, small time frame and we achieved immediate results in a staged process. Cortell did an amazing job leveraging TM1 to provide a fast installation and quick deliverables.



TM1 Users

TM1 Users

Important News: SSL Certificate Expiring 24.11.2016 Which Will Result in TM1 to Stop Functioning

We have recently (2nd September 2016) been made aware of an issue that will impact all TM1 sites. If TM1 has been deployed using the standard SSL certificate, you will be impacted.

On 24th November 2016, the current certificate will expire which will result in the TM1 clients and servers not being able to communicate, therefore TM1 will stop working.

IBM are working towards releasing interim fix (IF) packs for TM1 versions; 10.2 FP2, 10.1.1 FP2, 10.2 FP2, 10.2.2.

If you are currently using a version that is not listed above, you will need to provide update certificate manually. Instead of waiting for an Interim Fix with a new default set of 1024-bit SSL Certificates to replace the current expiring default set, another possible resolution is to replace it by the optional v2 set of 2048-bit SSL Certificates. Instructions can be found in an IBM TechNote here:

We would like to remind anyone that when making changes to any application or system, to do so following best practise. This includes enduring a backup has been taken and can be restored from, and scheduling the outage for a suitable time, with communication to all users.

If you are unsure about applying these changes, please contact Cortell for assistance.

As this is an important process, Cortell can assist and provide support and additional information required for the manual update, as well as notify you on when the Interim Fixes are to be released. If you would like to be updated regarding this issue, please

All customers on our “Cortell Care” support framework will be contacted to arrange the resolution of this issue. For information on the “Cortell Care” support package, please visit the relevant section of our website here.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to submit an enquiry and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

Cortell launches CAaaS

Cortell Launches CAaaS – Cortell Analytics as a Service, find answers in your big data!

Cortell Australia has a rich history bringing insight and action to our clients through the implementation of performance management and advanced analytics. With 850 plus implementations of the IBM Business Analytics platform, Cortell helps organisations across industries analyse and model their own key financial performance indicators, key customer and product attributes, operational drivers and outcomes, bringing that all together to enhance Enterprise Performance Management that drives optimal decision making.
As the leading IBM Business Analytics Partner in the Asia Pacific, Cortell Australia is now offering our industry expertise, product platforms and knowledge in the analytics arena to our customers as a service based offering. Branded as CAaaS : Cortell Analytics as a Service.

Crossroads sign with questions in every direction and answers pointer highlighted in red

Leveraging the leading IBM Business Analytics software platform from IBM – TM1, Cognos 10, Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) and SPSS, Cortell Australia will offer clients a highly sophisticated analytical and self-service offering that scales and adjusts to meet the demands of each organisation. From data discovery and insight based modelling on as needed basis, through to a persistent hosted platform, offering real time reporting, analytics and modelling,

Cortell Australia will work with you to create the most appropriate model to meet your requirements. We will openly communicate the approach we have taken, the models we have created and the findings discovered with you, so we can adapt, evolve and respond to changing business conditions. The information and findings we create together are open and owned by you.

With our proven industry and solution experience, the world leading analytics platform and our open and scalable service offerings, getting the results and insights you need has never been easier.

Latest Market Analyst Reports rank IBM #1 in Analytics

IBM Introduces Powerful Analytics for Everyone

“The cornerstone of the IBM Performance Management portfolio is a flexible and powerful planning solution (IBM Cognos TM1), along with highly functional solutions for consolidations, disclosure, and performance analytics,” says Forrester.

As a leader in analytics, IBM has made its biggest announcement in a decade. Watson Analytics, a breakthrough natural language-based cognitive service that can provide instant access to powerful predictive and visual analytic tools for businesses.

According to analysts, only a small fraction of business people use powerful analytics tools as part of their decision making today. Watson Analytics is designed to make advanced and predictive analytics easy to acquire and use.

IBM Taking the Lead in the Business Intelligence Market

According to the Nucleus Research report, IBM’s products in core business intelligence, performance management, predictive analytics, and big data management have all provided demonstrable value, including multiple documented projects over the past 12 months with a payback period of less than a year.

IBM continues to focus on providing greater time to value, increasing productivity for its users, and providing the deployment flexibility and ease of use organisations are looking for.

Over the past year, IBM has continued to develop analytic capabilities for its analytic portfolio, and has added these capabilities into more complex analytics solutions, with new solutions areas such as risk analytics, procurement, sales performance management, social collaboration and product life cycle management.

IBM Meets the Need of Customers by Providing a Complete Solution

A new report from Nucleus confirms that IBM provides Corporate Performance Management (CPM) through the Cognos TM1 platform, which allows IBM to provide integrated CPM capabilities. When paired with Cognos business intelligence, clients achieve a high performing, scalable, cross-enterprise BI and PM environment.
This platform approach stands in contrast to the traditional mega-vendor approach to CPM, which involves offering a variety of software applications that challenge end users to obtain value. IBM customers identified these platform characteristics as a strength as these end-users started with a specific solution or blueprint based on their initial corporate need.
Corporate demands shift over time and customers realised needs for a more personalised platform to incorporate more holistic performance management capabilities based on demands for improved budgeting, forecasting, and expense, capital, and strategy management.

IBM Global Studies

IBM CEO Study 2012

This study, conducted every 2 years, is based on face-to-face conversations with more than 1,700 chief executive officers in 64 countries.
IBM Corporation’s, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty identified the overflow of data and information as one of the most important issues influencing CEOs’ strategic business decisions. Ms Rometty stated:

“In conducting this study, it’s not hard to understand why. CEOs are looking beyond the benefits of connected supply chains and more integrated back-office systems. Their focus is shifting to the power and potential of recent advances in social media and analytics to reimagine connections among people — whether that’s customers, employees, partners, investors or the world at large.

That aspiration comes with major implications for strategy, structure and culture. Many of the highest-performing enterprises are already developing far more open cultures and embracing the most disruptive forms of new innovation.”


IBM Global CIO Study 2011

How are technology leaders helping their organisations adapt to the accelerating change and complexity that mark today’s competitive and economic landscape?

To find out, IBM spoke in person with 3,018 CIOs, spanning 71 countries and 18 industries. Public and private sector CIOs described both the challenges and opportunities from increasing complexity. They shared how they are innovating with technology for organisational success.

These in-person conversations, along with IBM’s statistical analyses of responses, underscore the ever-more vital role of the CIO.


IBM’s Global CMO Study 2011

This study is based on face-to-face conversations with more than 1,734 CMOs worldwide.

Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, IBM Corporation summarised the challenges faced by CMO’s in 2011:
“The four biggest challenges you identified were the explosion of data, social media, the proliferation of channels and devices and shifting consumer demographics. These factors are serving as catalysts for change in our function and the struggle we all face is how to turn those challenges into opportunities. The good news is that you also provided numerous practical ways marketing can manage the increasing complexity of today’s environment – pointing the way toward a new marketing profession for a new century.”


The New Value Integrator – Insight from the IBM Global CFO Study.

The 2010 IBM Global CFO Study – involving more than 1,900 CFOs and senior Finance leaders worldwide – provides the largest window into the CFO mindset during the worst economic downturn in decades. Surprisingly, cost reduction was not at the top of their agenda. Instead, CFOs ranked “providing inputs into enterprise strategy” as most important.

The study uncovered a select group of Finance organizations – called Value Integrators – that have found a way to excel. In every area of the Finance agenda, their effectiveness surpasses their peers. Not only are they better at helping their businesses navigate uncertainty and complexity, but on every financial measure assessed, their enterprises outperform.

To learn what distinguishes these Value Integrators – and how you can develop those same capabilities in your own organisation – Register and download the 2010 IBM Global CFO Study today.




Get your organisation in the Zone

Get in the (Analytics) Zone now! Receive event invites, content & special offers, including a free download of IBM Cognos Insight! Join IBM’s AnalyticsZone community now… the world’s leading Social Network, dedicated to Business Analytics!

Faster, easier, smarter analytics

IBM’s next-generation business analytic solutions help organisations of all sizes make sense of information in the context of their business. You can uncover insights more quickly and more easily from all types of data—even big data—and on multiple platforms and devices. And, with self-service and built-in expertise and intelligence, you have the freedom and confidence to make smarter decisions that better address your business imperatives. If cost and deployment are a concern, IBM offers software as a service options for business analytics.

You can learn more about these capabilities @ AnalyticsZone… a fun and engaging online marketplace and resource centre where you can download, trial and demo analytics and data visualisation solutions from IBM.

Watch the video below to see AnalyticsZone in action.

Do you have AQ?

Does your organisation have AQ?

Check out an exciting new way to measure your success with analytics.


It’s a fact: analytics-driven organisations outperform their peers in every metric that matters. Now, there’s a way to know how well you’re using analytics – and where to go next.

We call it your “Analytics Quotient,” or “AQ” for short . It measures how ready you are to apply insight to your strategy, processes and tactics; how quickly you can re-allocate resources and re-orient your people to make better decisions; and how effectively you can act based on how well you know your past performance, current results and future possibilities.

It’s simple: The more you embrace analytics, the higher your AQ. The higher your AQ, the better the business outcomes – for you, your team and your entire organisation.

Take IBM’s free AQ quiz now to learn your score. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will put you on the path to better business outcomes, whether you’re an aspiring newcomer or a wizened analytics master.

When you’ve finished, IBM will give you:

  • Your AQ Score
  • Your stage in our AQ Maturity Model
  • Specific guidance, tools and web resources that will speed up your journey.
Take the AQ Quiz

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Who's Watson?

Why Watson and SPSS Are IBM’s Big Data Yin and Yang

By  Mar. 1, 2011
After all the talk over the past few weeks about what IBM’s Watson victory on Jeopardy means and doesn’t mean, about what the system is and isn’t capable of doing, it’s becoming clear that Watson is not HAL of 2001: A Space Odyssey notoriety. But when used in concert with predictive analytics software, technologies like Watson can become part of a complete big-data architecture that could change the data-analysis game …

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Next generation Business Reporting

Welcome to the Next Generation of Business Reporting

An excerpt from the white paper “Regulatory & Statutory Reporting Your XBRL 2.1 Guide” by: Matthew Hill, MD Cortell Australia, May, 2011
Demands for Reporting and the Method of Reporting is Evolving (and continues to do so!)

The importance for reliable reported data has never more been the focus of local regulatory authorities than now. The production of reliable and auditable results is increasingly becoming the focus of CEO, CFO, Tax, Risk and other leaders within


corporations as they strive to better understand their business and provide the information required to the regulatory bodies in the most time efficient manner possible.

Recently, we have had the global financial credit crisis, which saw certain corporations’ fall from grace due to misrepresentation, fraud and irregularities in their financial returns. As a result, authorities have introduced tighter controls with a focus to ensure organizations can, and do, report in a manner that is easier for the required regulatory organizations to evaluate, scrutinize, audit and ultimately take action when needed.


IFRS, GAAP, Basel II, Sarbanes Oxley, XBRL, Statutory Business Reporting (SBR) are to name a few such requirements that corporations are now required to meet. With increased obligations to submit returns there comes the inevitable overhead in the production of such information.

Greater focus is being placed on information technology to decrease the manual nature of such reporting. Executives are demanding greater insight, superior quality of information and flexibility from the people and tools available to them.

No longer do people want expensive resources using spreadsheets to collate and consolidate data for reporting purposes. They want those same individuals analysing the data and providing value to the business and leveraging the systems to provide fast, accurate and auditable information.

Traditionally, corporations have addressed these problems by creating a stable of spreadsheet analysts, but while this may disguise the problem short term, it does not remove the problem, nor is this a reliable platform from which to complete their mandatory reporting obligations.

Corporate reporting systems house significant volumes of data that should be reused across other areas of the business. Often our own reporting systems are fragmented, isolated and a copy of the same or similar data stores used by other departments. It raises concerns over accuracy and validity of data and the logic behind multiple siloed reporting environments.

There is no reason why the same data being used to report to APRA, the ATO or ASIC cannot be captured and used within a single, centralised reporting environment for our own internal reporting process. We need to re-use the data footprint across an organisation in a more effective and consolidated manner.

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