How did Cortell successfully deliver 46 projects in just twelve months?

The key: Exceptional people.

ex·cep·tion·al –adjective 1. forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; extraordinary: 2. unusually excellent; superior: 3. Education . being intellectually gifted.

A company is only at the top of their game if they have exceptional people. Without our exceptional people, we are just another consulting firm.

Cortell selects senior consultants who have 7 – 15 years consulting experience and a minimum of four years IBM Cognos experience. Our senior consultants are successful finance and business professionals, with post graduate CPAs, holding MBAs and the like.

Our consultants, specialising in both IT and business, will challenge you during the design phase to ensure best practice techniques are adopted. They are not just IT consultants, they are both business and IT consultants.

There are 80 years of experience amongst our top senior consultants … that’s the depth of expertise Cortell will offer you.

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