Kincrome Australia discovers the right tool … IBM Cognos Express TM1 provides immediate business insight for improved decision making


The Challenge

Kincrome was drowning in Excel spreadsheets in an effort to manage their rapidly growing business.  Inventory Forecasting was completed using multiple Excel spreadsheets and SQL queries.

The time taken to retrieve ‘I need it now’ information was unacceptable.  Martin Richards, Kincrome’s Financial Controller explained, “Our Gross Margin Return On Inventory (GMROI) report was taking one full day per month to prepare. I had to run multiple SQL queries in Excel to get data from our Pronto ERP system to populate pivot tables.”

The Daily KPI’s Report would take two hours to prepare in Excel, and once again, there was a need to run SQL queries against the Pronto database.

Any questions arising from the one-page report had to be addressed by ad hoc SQL queries.
Profit & Loss reports by managers were not easy to generate.  Often a question had to be answered by retrieving values for multiple accounts, one by one, and adding them together.

Managers could use enquiry screens to select data in the Pronto system, and if they had the skills they could write SQL queries to load pivot tables in Excel.  Knowledge of the Pronto tables varied between managers too, so it was difficult to determine the one true version of the truth.

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