Network Ten creates Prime-Time with Cognos Express TM – producing more with less!


The Challenge

Network Ten runs a complex business and as such have complex reporting and analytical requirements.  The Finance Department relied heavily on manual processes, merging multiple Excel spreadsheets and capturing data through direct entry to consolidate the information required to report the business as a whole.  This process was needed given the breadth of reporting required and the standalone production systems used.  It was however very time consuming, expensive and complex, and the output lacked the analytical capability required to derive deep insights into the business.

When the CEO and Board demanded greater analysis, in greater depth, more frequently, things had to change.

“Over a number of years we examined a range of solutions to improve our reporting and analytical processes within Finance. We were unable to find a

solution that was cost effective, could be implemented quickly, and most importantly, driven and managed by our team.  These challenges were further exacerbated when changes at a Board level resulted in new mandated reporting and analytical capabilities for Finance.

It wasn’t until we reviewed an implementation of TM1 in Network Ten’s Digital Media unit, and saw the output, that we felt we could readily accommodate these requirements. We needed a solution that quickly consolidated our data … something we couldn’t attempt without TM1, as it would simply be too time consuming,” said Jason Bosch, Financial Controller, Network Ten.

The new reporting requirements included:

  • weekly reporting to NPAT to senior management
  • detailed channel profitability reporting
  • Board reporting pack
  • improved insight and analytical capability
  • faster delivery  of critical business information
  • do more with less – reduction of FTE’s involved with the process.



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