WorkPac Solves financial reporting challenges with IBM Cognos and Cortell


The Challenge

Andrew Crealy, Chief Financial Officer joined the company in 2007 as Operations Manager for Finance. His task is to manage the day to day running of the financial and accounting reporting and improve the commercial running of the business.

In 2008, Andrew decided it was time for WorkPac to look for a new finance system for forecasting and budgeting. They needed a system that could sit well with the company’s existing platform and one that would enable the forecasting and budgeting to be conducted and produced online.

“When I joined the company we were producing reports in hard copy and sending them out to the branches. It took 3 weeks to produce and mail out the monthly accounting reports and this was just too long. By the time the branch managers received their reports they were already focused on closing the next month rather than the sales and profit budgets,” said Andrew.

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