How can Cortell help you transition?

Are you considering transitioning from IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning to IBM Cognos TM1?

You no longer have to look at your business through the rear view mirror. Cortell has certified and senior consultants that have 7 – 15 years consulting experience and a minimum of four years IBM Cognos EP and TM1 experience. They are also successful finance and business professionals, with post graduate CPAs. This combination of experience and skills will ensure that we help you with the right transition plan so that your organisation can start clearly seeing what’s ahead.

If you would like to know what the transition from EP to TM1 would mean for your business, request a meeting with one of our subject matter experts to show you and your team the differences between the two solutions. We will show you how transitioning to TM1 will improve efficiency and performance within your organisation’s overall planning and reporting process.

We will show you:

  • the similarities and differences of EP and TM1
  • the advantages of moving to TM1
  • a best practice migration approach when moving from EP to TM1
  • how you can easily move to TM1 today with IBM’s trade up option from EP to TM1

The key activities during the transition are:

  • Evaluate existing EP models (dimensions, cubes, calculations, d-links, contributor models, access tables, admin-links, publish process, user security, maintenance processes, scheduled chores, etc.).
  • Clearly define areas where TM1 technology can improve upon the existing EP architecture. This could include anything from combining dimensions/cubes that were originally split due to EP size limitations, re-writing calculations to utilise attributes/aliases, defining TM1 subsets and hierarchies, using TI to replace EP macros and other ETL processes, creating dynamic pick lists, creating new reports/active forms, provide drill-through, create conditional security, etc.
  • Design/build models in TM1 that address all pain-points in EP and provides additional TM1 functionality. Run the models concurrently to ensure accuracy.
  • Provide a roadmap to help you understand how you can leverage the new TM1 technologies to further improve their existing processes.

Find out what we can achieve for you. Contact our Client Services Team on +61 2 9438 3940.