There is no doubt that your choice in Cognos’ Enterprise Planning solution was a good choice for your business years ago.

But not only has technology dramatically changed since then, the chances are, your business has as well.

With the advancement and rapid progression of today’s budget, forecasting and planning technology from IBM Cognos, significant performance, scalability, maintainability and functional enhancements can and will affect your bottom line. Imagine if you could have one solution to help your organisation better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes.  It would give you breakthrough results to outperform your competition. That solution is IBM Cognos TM1.

IBM Cognos TM1 is enterprise planning software that provides a complete, dynamic environment for developing timely, reliable and personalised forecasts and budgets.

Rapidly analyse data and model business requirements for your entire organisation and use the results to budget and forecast with confidence for better business outcomes. More than budgeting and forecasting software, Cognos TM1 is a complete enterprise planning solution.

  • A multidimensional, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP engine provides exceptionally fast performance for analysing complex and sophisticated models, large data sets and even streamed data.
  • A full range of enterprise planning software requirements is supported—from high-performance, on-demand profitability analysis, financial analytics and flexible modeling to enterprise-wide contribution from all business units.
  • Advanced personalised scenarios can be created to enable an unlimited number of ad-hoc alternatives so individuals, teams, divisions and whole companies can respond faster to changing conditions.
  • Best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasting can become part of your enterprise planning process.
  • Model design and data access adapts to your business processes and presents business information in familiar formats.
  • Managed contribution makes it possible to assemble and deploy planning solutions for your enterprise and collect input from systems and staff from all divisions and locations, quickly consistently and automatically.
  • Integrated scorecarding and reporting— the complete picture from goal setting and planning, to measuring progress and reporting—is possible with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.
  • Total control over planning, budgeting and forecasting processes is provided to Finance and lines of business.
  • A choice of interfaces—Microsoft Excel, Cognos TM1 Web and the Cognos TM1 Contributor client—allows you to work with your preferred look and feel.



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