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Cortell and IBM realise that despite being small, startups require enterprise solutions to support their ideas, product development, research and go-to-market strategies. As such, there are a range of programs and solution offerings available to qualified startups.

Regardless of your role in your startup, discover what drives your business – on your own – with the power of IBM Business Analytics in the cloud. With self-service analytics plus access to easy-to-use data refinement and data warehousing services, it’s easier for you to acquire and prepare data for analysis and visualisation.

Step 1

The Cortell supported Watson Analytics platform is designed to make advanced and predictive analytics easy to acquire and use by anyone in your business with a full range of self-service analytics. Interaction is simplified using natural language, and steps like data preparation, predictive analysis and visual storytelling are all automated.

Step 2

Watson Services will be available through IBM Bluemix, the cloud-based platform for building, managing and running all types of apps, including web, mobile and big data. To see if you are eligible for Bluemix cloud credits through the IBM Global Entrepreneur Programme for Cloud Startups, contact our client services team to assist.

Step 3

Your startup may not be fully equipped to start working with Watson just yet, so contact Cortell technical support to get the business mentoring you need to get your solution and go-to-market strategy ready for Watson. When you’re ready to start working with Watson, check out the Watson Ecosystem, a community of organisations, from developers to content providers, collaborating and creating the next generation of cognitive apps.


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