So where do you start?

The Cortell team will work with you to identify your organisation’s biggest and highest priority challenges to kick off the initiative … where advanced Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Dash-boarding, Score-carding and Business Intelligence will have the greatest impact.

For TM1

We look at your biggest problems, such as the daily battle with the data required to support your specific business function and corporate decision making processes. Problems include the collation, calculation, analysis and management of data.

The current state is usually a labour intensive process that is:

  • prone to errors
  • an operational risk due to single man dependencies
  • costly due to over complicated excel spreadsheet reliance
  • isolated from other core business processes.


This is a great place to start, typically, we commence an initiative by conducting a Proof of Concept with your business stakeholders to showcase how we can remove these issues.

As your TM1 investment continues to grow within your organisation, the Cortell team can then help you build a centralised Financial Performance Management unit (Centre of Excellence), making it possible to share resources efficiently and effectively.

For Dash-boarding, Score-carding and Business Intelligence

We work with you and your team from the Proof of Concept phase to a fully executed enterprise deployment of BI.

If BI is to extend beyond tactical deployments to become a broader-based solution, a managed, predictable approach is needed.

The Cortell team will help you build a Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC).

A BICC is essential to the strategic deployment of BI because it:

  • maximises the efficiency, use and quality of your BI across all lines of business
  • leads to BI deployments that have higher success and deliver more value, at less cost, in less time
  • drives end user adoption to ensure its success (simply providing BI to an increasing number of information consumers doesn’t guarantee more people will use it)
  • eliminates the gap between Business and IT
  • enables business agility and improved technology management which will help to drive business efficiency.

Why start with Cortell?

Cortell Australia is a certified and award winning IBM Cognos TM1 Partner and Reseller.

Our consultants have delivered in excess of 850 different TM1 business models to over 500 customers.

Cortell have extensive budget, forecast and planning, cost management and activity based costing skills that have been applied to all industry sectors.


Find out what we can achieve for you. Contact our Client Services Team on +61 2 9438 3940.