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Embracing Error: the first step to quality forecasting

An overwhelming majority of businesses fail to measure forecast error at all and so are driving blind, using forecasts that may be no better than guesswork. And even those that do attempt to measure error fail to do so properly; their view through the windshield is blurred and distorted.

In this white paper we argue that managers need to recognise not only that the world is unpredictable but that those companies that are able to adapt to the unfolding reality are the organisations that will win out.

Extending Planning & Forecasting with Analytics White Paper

Steve Player, of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, explains how finance teams can use advanced planning and forecasting to deliver the insights that drive better decision making.

Bridging Operational & Financial Forecasting

Learn how Finance leaders and their line-of-business counterparts can synchronize financial and operational planning to optimize performance.

Business Forecasting: Six Design Principles for Healthier Forecasts

Learn how a healthier forecasting process leads to healthier business performance.

Planning and Forecasting: Use Continuous Planning and Rolling Forecasts to Support Adaptive Management

Jeremy Hope, Research Director of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, explains how to replace rigid annual budgets with continuous planning and rolling forecasts.

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