What’s new in Cognos TM1 10.2


Four Themes of Innovation Value Advancement

As existing TM1 sites, we don’t need to tell you the value that you should already be getting from earlier versions of TM1. What you are about to discover is the most significant R&D investment IBM has made in TM1 since the acquisition of Cognos in 2007. IBM has invested billions in the current IBM Performance Platform with TM1 being the heart of it all. It was released in mid-September so everything you will read now is available to you today.




There are some key areas of significant performance gains:

  • Queries execute dramatically faster
  • Web users will see significant improvements from the new Java based architecture having moved away from .net
  • For the most part, users wouldn’t know whether they are on a WAN or a LAN

Also there are now Multi-Threaded Queries enabled in the new Version 10.2:

  • Takes advantage of modern server hardware technology
  • Query parsed into worker threads which are available on multiple CPU cores
  • Workload for queries spread to multiple server cores
  • The more Cognos TM1 server cores…the better the performance

Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler new features in version 10.2.0:

  • Cube calculation: You can define a calculation that can be scoped across the full dimensionality of a cube. Cube calculations are a way of simplifying the creation of rules to complete common modeling operations, such as managing and maintaining the model. You can add a calculation to make your model meaningful by deriving more information from the data source.
  • Feeder Optimisation:  You can now automatically generate a proposed set of feeders for the cubes in the model. The generated feeders can come from manually or automatically generated rules from calculations and links. You can also export a Feeder analysis report to see what feeders are proposed, without actually writing feeders to the model.
  • Data flow diagrams: You can see a graphical flow diagram that maps the flow of data from cube-to-cube in a model. You can apply an automatic layout for your model diagram or you can set you rown layout. Cubes can be grouped for ease of viewing, and you can open cubes and links from the data flow diagram. Use the data flow diagrams to more easily visualize the structure of your Cognos TM1 cubes and dimensions.
  • Improved transfer of model objects and applications: With the Transfer Specification Editor, you can better manage which objects are copied from a source system to a target system. The management of the transfer process was improved in the following ways:
    • Better handling of model object dependencies: Even if you are not familiar with the business logic of an application, you can copy the model object and its dependencies to ensure that all the required elements for a cube are transferred.
    • Creating transfer specifications: You can define the model structure that you want to transfer by saving the specification, modelers, contributors, or other authorised users.
  • Transfer Specification Editor: You can use the intuitive editor to select specific model objects or applications to copy from a source system to a target system. You can preview the transfer to change selections before the transfer. Transferring large model structures:  You can copy model structures up to 1,000 dimensions in a single transfer process before you exceed temporary RAM.
  • Automating the transfer process: You can create a batch file that is based on the definition of a transfer (transfer_specification.json) and use the command-line utility to run the transfer process at a scheduled time.
  • Transferring cell data: In addition to the selected model object, you can transfer the associated cell data and metadata when you transfer the structure of a model to a source or to a target system.
  • TurboIntegrator processes triggered from workflow actions: You can now initiate a TurboIntegrator process either immediately before or immediately after a workflow action takes place .For example, you can trigger a TurboIntegrator process to do a data validation test before a Commit action. Or you can move data for a specific approval hierarchy node to a different application immediately after a Submit action.You can design the workflow action trigger in the Cognos TM1 Applications server without editing any system-related objects.
  • Cognos TM1 Applications Maintenance Utility:  The Cognos TM1 Application maintenance feature is a command-line utility that lets you take actions that were previously only possible from the Cognos TM1 Applications portal
  • Import Cognos Planning models into Cognos TM1: The Import Cognos Planning model option helps you build your Cognos Planning model in IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler. The import option uses an .XML application definition file that is generated from your Cognos Planning model. This file is used to get you started with the dimensions, cubes, and links needed to build the model in Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler 
  • Drill-through:  In IBM Cognos TM1 version 10.2.0, you can choose to have a link that is exposed as a drill-through relationship. You can also configure the orientation of the view that results from the drill 
  • Full picklist capability:  You now have new support for static picklists and the ability to set a picklist on a numeric cell. 
  • Easier access settings: Security objects are more accessible, element and cell security are easier to configure, and cell-level security requires fewer dimensions. You can now see at a glance which dimensions have element security that is applied. You can also easily stop using element or cell security by deleting the security cubes, instead of stopping the Cognos TM1 server. Cell security also uses only a subset of the full dimensionality of the parent cube
  • Link editing improvements: You can now select the source and target members of links separately then paste the source/target member pairs. You can also turn an automatic mapping into a manual mapping while retaining the mapped member

Cognos TM1 Web uses Java™


IBM Cognos TM1 Web now runs on a Java web application server

IBM Cognos TM1 Web now runs on a Java web application server such as Apache Tomcat. So you no longer need Microsoft Internet Information Services and the Microsoft .NET Framework. By default, the Cognos TM1 installation configures Cognos TM1 Web to use the Apache Tomcat web application server that is provided with the Cognos TM1 installation.


New Cognos TM1 Scorecarding in version 10.2.0

Scorecarding with Cognos TM1 integrates scorecarding and strategy management capabilities into Cognos TM1 to provide better integration of Performance Management with planning.

You can create scorecard solutions that contain interactive impact diagrams, strategy maps, and custom diagrams that monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs). The underlying data is stored in Cognos TM1 and can be published to users in IBM Cognos Insight, IBM Cognos TM1 Web, and IBM Cognos Workspace as interactive dashboards. A metrics dimension and metrics indicator dimension form a metrics cube. The metrics cube is used to store and manage the data used to generate impact diagrams, strategy maps, and scorecarding diagrams.

For more information, see “Cognos TM1 Scorecarding” in the IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler Guide.




The new interfaces for TM1 10.2 cover the complete gamut of business users from the executive level that want to know performance across the enterprise, to those that have functional roles. Power Excel users Excel as their integrated interface with TM1, while those that are part of the budget / forecast approval process can now do so via their Cognos Mobile Contributor interface such as the illustration below.

Mobile app for Cognos TM1


IBM Cognos TM1 Mobile Contributor

IBM Cognos TM1 Mobile Contributor is a new mobile application for the Apple iPad. The Cognos TM1 Mobile app connects to an IBM Cognos TM1 Server and coexists with other desktop and web programs that connect to the same server. Use the Mobile app to do the following tasks:

  • Access all planning applications from Cognos TM1 Applications.
  • View submission status for all approval nodes.
  • Interact with cube views in a grid or chart format.
  • Change values on the iPad and submit back to the plan where the data is updated on the Cognos TM1 server.



IBM Cognos TM1 10.2 can now be deployed in the cloud. This avoids the usually setting up of a hardware environment by the IT department, the associated costs involved, and the time taken to organise these environments. The TM1 cloud environment will be optimised to take advantage of your TM1 applications day one.

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