Your Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Analysis and Scorecarding Solution

When it comes to your critical planning processes, don’t compromise. You can have a fast, flexible and complete solution that embeds powerful analytics into everyday decision-making – in the deployment model of your choice.

IBM Planning Analytics goes beyond automating manual planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. It provides self-service analytics to all of your business users through an innovative planning workspace. It discovers insights automatically, directly from your data and helps you pull ahead of competitors and stay agile for whatever lies ahead. IBM Planning Analytics can be deployed in cloud, on-premises, or mixed deployment environments.

Speed: Automate your manual planning, budgeting and forecasting processes with a solution built on the powerful OLAP engine of IBM TM1.

Agility: Adapt your plans, budgets and forecasts to changing business conditions. Quickly align financial plans with corporate objectives, linked to operational tactics and market events.

Foresight: Uncover predictive insights automatically from your data. IBM Planning Analytics blends powerful, what-if modeling with the statistical analysis and predictive capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics for faster, forward-looking decision making.

  • Automate manual processes: Accelerate your essential planning, budgeting and forecasting processes with the powerful OLAP engine of IBM TM1.
  • Customisable workspace: Provide an interactive, customisable workspace to cost centre owners and business managers for a consistent view of KPI’s.
  • Fast, thorough analysis: Guided data exploration and natural language queries based on common business terms enable you to work with your data easily.
  • Automated visualisations: Create clear, compelling graphics and integrated scorecards to help you share results with decision makers.
  • Cloud, on-premises, or mixed deployment. Choose the deployment option that fits your needs and change when your requirements change.
  • Flexible and scalable: Start small and expand as your needs evolve. IBM Planning Analytics works for individuals, teams, departments or across the enterprise.
  • Embrace and extend your spreadsheets: Where needed, IBM Planning Analytics allows users to retain the familiar Microsoft Excel interface. No steep learning curve here.
  • Uncover insights automatically from your data: IBM Planning Analytics brings the statistical analysis and predictive capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics to your planning process, for faster, forward-looking decision making.
  • Perform in-depth analysis: IBM Planning Analytics facilitates multidimensional planning and detailed, what-if scenario modelling. A powerful hierarchy capability enables you to model attributes of hierarchies to enable more granular analysis.
  • Finance takes the helm: IBM Planning Analytics is self-service and Finance-owned. Minimal IT support is required.
  • Steer business performance more effectively: Link operational drivers to financial outcomes throughout the planning process to help you steer the most reliable course through uncertain waters.