To be successful, we need to ensure our customers are successful using the IBM Planning Analytics solution

We have a strong focus on ensuring our customers are educated in all areas associated with the development and use of the platform. As such, we offer a range of courses and are happy to build or customise a course to meet your specific requirements. Below is a list of our standard courses available;

IBM Planning Analytics Navigation and User Experience – 0.5 day

IBM Planning Analytics - navigation

This course focuses on the end user. You will learn how to explore and navigate around the IBM Planning Analytics workspace including the MS Excel integration. You will be able to enter data leveraging the spreading techniques and quick entry as well as viewing reports and results. Also, you will be able to create your own ad-hoc views for analysis.

IBM Planning Analytics Model Development – 2.0 days

IBM Planning Analytics - model development

Users of this will be those who will be responsible for creation of new models, updating existing models and all associated development capabilities. You will be able to construct models, create business rules and more advanced features of the workspace administration functions.

IBM Planning Analytics Data Integration – 1.0 day

IBM Planning Analytics - data-integration

The focus of this course is on the connection to data sources (cloud or on premise) to extract and load data. This includes manipulation and mapping of data, reading the log files, building structures and hierarchies, and populating actual historical results to support the planning and reporting requirements.

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Creation – 0.5 day

IBM Planning Analytics - workstation

This course teaches you how to construct data capture and reporting templates and leverage the many visualisations that are available as part of the IBM Planning Analytics platform. You will be trained on creating a new workspace, using navigation and embedding videos, images and charts to support your planning and reporting process.

IBM Planning Analytics Security and User Administration – 0.5 day

IBM Planning Analytics - security

A requirement of all models is to ensure they are protected and that users can only access the data and model components they are allowed to. This course teaches the administration of users and the various security controls to be applied to the models.