To be successful, we need to ensure our customers are successful using the IBM Planning Analytics solution

We have a strong focus on ensuring our customers are educated in all areas associated with the development and use of the platform. As such, we offer a range of courses and are happy to build or customise a course to meet your specific requirements. Below is a list of our standard courses available;

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace – 1.5 days

IBM Planning Analytics - navigation

This course is designed for those users who need to build content for analysing, collecting and reporting on data from within the Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) interface. This course provides participants with the skills to create their own dashboards, analyse data using views, and synchronise objects and different visualisations.

IBM Planning Analytics for Excel – 1.0 day

IBM Planning Analytics - model development

This course is designed for users who will be responsible for analysing data, creating reports, templates and applications. It provides users with the skills to create new reports, update existing reports, publish reports, work with cube viewer and modify data in a familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment.

IBM Planning Analytics Data Introduction and Navigating & Analysing Data – 2.0 days

IBM Planning Analytics - data-integration

Planning Analytics Introduction and Navigating & Analysing data is an instructor-led course designed to educate users about using Planning Analytics to analyse multidimensional data. You will use Planning Analytics to create spreadsheets and reports to analyse data. The goal is to use a hands-on approach will help you acquire the skills you will need to analyse your organisation’s multidimensional data. By the end of this course, you should have several spreadsheets and views that you may use as a model for how to get the most from your Planning Analytics data.

IBM Planning Analytics – Designing and Developing Applications – 4 day

IBM Planning Analytics - workstation

Designing and Developing Applications is an instructor-led course designed to teach application developers, typically business or financial people, how to set up a complete TM1 application. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, students will learn how to set up and verify structures, manually enter data into these structures, and define the data users can see.

IBM Planning Analytics Administration – 1 day

IBM Planning Analytics - security

This Server Administration course is an instructor led course that provides an administrator with the tools and understanding required to administer a Planning Analytics server. Following training, the trainee will be able to complete an installation of Planning Analytics, understand the upgrade processes (for minor patches as well as major upgrades), as well as set-up users and administer security. This course also covers basic concepts relating to Planning Analytics clients, server and the various objects used by Planning Analytics.