Goal: To immediately create ROI – via results

Your investment in IBM Cognos and SPSS softwares, coupled with Cortell’s accredited consulting, will drive a rapid return on your investment through improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Our approach is to work with you and your team to immediately create ROI on the initial engagement. We develop a solid relationship with your stakeholders and create a roadmap for additional applications that drive value creation within your business strategies.

We believe the best approach is to initially identify many opportunities for value creation but to start on something small that still adds significant business value.

In other engagements we start by identifying your organisation’s biggest and highest priority challenges to kick off the initiative where any or all of IBM Cognos capabilities will have the greatest impact. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Business Performance Management (TM1)
  • Business Intelligence (Cognos 10 and Express)
  • Advanced Business Analytics (SPSS)
  • The daily battle with the data you require to support your specific business function is an example of a problem which we explore. The collation, calculation, analysis and management of data to feed the corporate decision making process often becomes a labour intensive process. This process can be:

    • prone to errors
    • single man dependent
    • over-complicated with Excel spreadsheet reliance, and
    • isolated from other core business processes.

    The Cortell Team will help you fast-track the initial engagement. We have a wealth of IP developed in conjunction with our customers that we leverage to create quick wins. In all cases, we kick off these initiatives in a highly agile manner, moving rapidly from advanced prototyping to proof of concepts with your business stakeholders. Once we have substantiated the business value together, we help you build a business case for a full implementation.

    When these capabilities do extend beyond tactical deployments to a broader-based solution, a managed and predictable approach is needed. The Cortell Team will help you build centre of excellence (COE) areas to support business performance management, business intelligence and advanced business analytics.

    Our primary goal and promise is to make your organisation self-sufficient moving forward, calling on the The Cortell Team only when consulting is required.

    Find out what we can achieve for you. Contact our Client Services Team on +61 2 9438 3940.