Step 4 – Building an agile POC – making sure each piece fits

Over the coming days, following the initial workshop, each model or component (or cube in TM1 language) will be explored in more detail.

During this time, a cut-down version of the final reporting/modelling application will be built rapidly.

The Cortell team interactively work with you to validate the required capabilities and functionality using your own data. It is at this point any key users or planning managers are brought into the process, seeking their valuable thoughts and buy-in to the process.

The various areas that we need to address for a detailed model design and scoping include (but is not limited to):

  • Dimensionality of the Model
    • what dimensions do you need to capture the data against?
    • what do you need to analyse and report the data by?
  • Population of the Dimensions
    • what is going to be automated, and from what source?
    • how do we manage slowly changing dimensions or new elements added during the planning process (i.e. business units, products, etc.)?
  • Population of Historical Data or Seeded Information
    • do we require actuals or a baseline?
    • historical budgets for comparatives?
    • from where and how is it going to be mapped into the model?
  • Business Rules and Logic
    • what are the calculations within the model itself?
    • what are the exceptions?
  • Overall Architecture
    • how does this model fit in with the overall architecture?
    • what P&L accounts are hit as a result of the model?
    • should we use business rules, or ETL processes to move the data?
  • Users / Security / Workflow Process
    • we need to get an understanding of the process that will be followed along with any impact on security or workflow reporting that may (or may not) be required
  • Reporting and Analysis
    • what reports are required to be produced, and in what format?
    • are there any cube views that need to be created to support ad-hoc analytics?
  • Output
    • do the results need to be fed back into another source system? if so, what format?


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