James Corner, Executive Manager, Financial Control, Suncorp Bank, Brisbane, Australia, says…

  • “Cortell had great experience in delivering simple and effective solutions to challenging and complex scenarios. We needed a solution that would be effective for the long term, providing adaptability to the changing regulatory environment that we the business, in conjunction with IT, could maintain in a simple, controlled and governed way.”
  • “Prior to Cortell’s fully automated solution, it took several people, several days to provide the numbers.  Submitting an APRA report is now as simple as pushing a button and analysing the data.”
  • “We are currently exploring further IBM products to support the implementation of TM1. These products will assist with further streamlining other forms of internal and external reporting whilst also embedding an enhanced governance framework, it really is an exciting time realising the benefits of these transformation initiatives.”



Martin Richards, Financial Controller, Kincrome Tools & Equipment, Melbourne, Australia, says…

  • “TM1 is saving me a day per month just on producing the GMROI report.  When I arrive at the office, it’s there … the speed of TM1 just blows me away.”
  • “The P&L cube is allowing us to have much greater control over costs.  We can track what managers are spending, and drill through to the general ledger to list the transactions if there is any dispute.”
  • “The difference between what we were doing, and what we can do now with TM1, is like going to a new doctor who has a MRI machine, when your old GP had only a stethoscope and a thermometer. We can really see inside the business.”

Paul Burgoine, General Manager, Kincrome Tools & Equipment, Melbourne, Australia, says…

  • “Every time I see our Financial Controller, Martin, he lets me know how fantastic TM1 is.”

Michael Hayes, IT Manager, Kincrome Tools & Equipment, Melbourne, Australia, says…

  • “Cortell & Cognos Express TM1 just did in two hours what would take us two months. We get the answer before we’ve forgotten the question!”



Jason Bosch, Financial Controller, Network Ten, Melbourne, Australia, says…

  • “We needed a solution that quickly consolidated our data … something we couldn’t attempt without TM1, as it would simply be too time consuming.”
  • “Cortell had already proved to the business that they could deliver a quick, robust solution and work productively with our people. Digital Media had far greater demands than we did so we were very confident they could help us implement the right solution.”
  • “The big win for Finance is that we have confidence in the end product and the meaningful numbers generated.  The solution does a lot of the allocations enabling us to produce substantial reporting outcomes without increasing headcount.  In one sense it has helped us reduce headcount … if we hadn’t invested in the solution, we would have needed more people to meet the new reporting requirements … we now do more with less.”
  • “The adhoc reporting ability via the TM1 front end is brilliant!  It’s so easy to retrieve information quickly, and dissect and drill down in an instant. Never before have we had such visibility into our business.  We can also move faster when the business wants to as we have no dependency on IT … we are self-sufficient.”





Matthew Stephens, Director, Information Systems, Carnival Australia, Melbourne, Australia, says…

  • “We assessed multiple products and selected TM1 for a number of key reasons. TM1 is perfect for an agile development cycle, particularly enabling users to efficiently develop analysis based on multi-dimensional cubes, therefore allowing them to interrogate information with ease.”
  • “We selected Cortell as a strategic business partner, providing technically competent consultants who assisted to guide the business in migrating our financial modelling into a multi-dimensional solution.”
  • “The results of the choice in the IBM Cognos analytic platform, TM1, have been nothing short of stellar since day one.”



Sue Davis, Director of Finance, Financial Services, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia, says…

  • “Our primary reason for choosing Cortell was their down to earth and trustworthy approach.”
  • “We had a small budget, small time frame and we achieved immediate results in a staged process … Cortell did an amazing job leveraging TM1 to provide a fast installation and quick deliverables.”
  • “We now drive a consistent set of information out to staff via TM1. Faculty finance managers are able to play with real data and are enjoying it. People now have access to information that they did not have before.”




Ken Diefenbach, Business Intelligence Project Manager, Rockhampton, Australia, says… 

  • “Central Queensland University first partnered with Cortell on the basis of the company’s track record and expertise with TM1. We continue to engage with them because of their demonstrated focus on and ability to provide positive transformation and real business value to the University.”




Louise Cooper, Group Accounting Manager, Steinhoff, Sydney, Australia, says…

  • “The model is simple and can be easily adapted when we add more stores to our plans. Also, the level of expertise to drive Cognos TM1 is a lot less than other planning applications I’ve used, and I can make my own changes without having to call IT.”
  • “Ultimately the Cognos TM1 application has enabled Steinhoff to focus on implementing company strategies, rather than planning for them.”




Andrew Crealy, CFO, WorkPac, Queensland, Australia

  • “The IBM Cognos, Cortell, and WorkPac employees worked seamlessly as a team. The combined breadth and experience in the three companies created a depth of market reach that we could capitalise on in other areas of our business. The relationship has become a strategic one for us. Overall, the implementation went very smoothly, and there were no insurmountable issues. The project was completed using 60% of the budget and in half the expected time. It was a dream run really.”
  • “We were particularly impressed by Cortell & the IBM Cognos team who took our real data & then presented their product using our information.”
  • “Our communication lines are now truly open, and this enables my team and me, to be business partners to our managers, rather than just accountants. Our focus is on achieving growth and profitability, and not on questioning data.”
  • “The customer service we received, and the commitment shown to our business, is well above average. It has increased our confidence, and assures us that we made the right decision; these kinds of investments are not cheap. The results have been fantastic and we look forward to developing the solution even further.”




Shane Youl, IT & IS Manager, CiSRA

  • “The main reason we engaged Cortell was the demonstrated ability to manage resources in a live environment. The Cognos platform also integrated easily with a very quick back-end.”

Amendra Pratap, Financial Systems Manager, CiSRA

  • “Users are very happy with the speed and flexibility of the systems. Reporting and querying now takes one to two seconds, compared to one to three minutes in the past.”
  • “We were impressed with Cortell’s approach in listening to our needs to reduce the maintenance efforts usually required to ensure data integrity.”




Zurich Financial Services Group

  • “…processes that took months now take weeks, and those that took weeks now take days. We also have improved visibility and insight…”

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