IBM Cognos TM1 – Designing and Developing Applications

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4 days


IBM Cognos TM1 Introduction and Navigating & Analysing Data (End User and Prerequisite for Subsequent Courses)


Designing and Developing Applications is an instructor-led course designed to teach application developers, typically business or financial people, how to set up a complete TM1 application. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, students will learn how to set up and verify structures, manually enter data into these structures, and define the data users can see.

Target Audience:

Client Model Builders

Client TM1 Application Administrator

Interface Architect

Key System Users

Model Builder

Support Model Designer

Model Lead Architect

Subject Matter Experts

CoordinatorTechnical Architect


  1. Examine the “building blocks” of a TM1 application
  2. Log on to a TM1 Server and browse data
  3. Create dimensions and cubes to analyse data
  4. Load data into cubes
  5. Apply business rules to cubes
  6. Customise processes for various functions
  7. Define drill-through paths
  8. Develop more robust applications using advanced rules and scripting
  9. Employ different strategies for time analysis
  10. Extend data analysis to accommodate currency conversions
  11. Customise the application flow of data in spreadsheets and websheets
  12. Test the application

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