IBM Cognos TM1 Introduction and Navigating & Analysing Data

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2 days




TM1 Introduction and Navigating & Analysing data is an instructor-led course designed to educate users about using TM1 to analyse multidimensional data.  You will use TM1 to create spreadsheets and reports to analyse data.  The goal is to use a hands-on approach will help you acquire the skills you will need to analyse your organisation’s multidimensional data.  By the end of this course, you should have a number of spreadsheets and views that you may use as a model for how to get the most from your TM1 data.

Target Audience:

Client Model Builders

Client Project Manager

Client Support Manager

Client TM1 Application Administrator

Client Trainer

Interface Architect

Key System Users

Model Builder

Model Builder

Support Model Designer

Model Lead Architect

Project Manager

Subject Matter Experts


Technical Architect

Test Lead



  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Getting started using TM1
  3. Data exploration
  4. Spreadsheet analysis
  5. What-if analysis
  6. Organise and distribute results

Learn more about TM1:

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